Poway Secret Service


POWAY SECRET SERVICE is a hi-tech way of connecting willing ‘servants’ with simple, brief opportunities to serve. Most tasks will take under an hour - cleaning up one of Poway’s trails; filling sand-bags during a storm; rounding up a stray shopping cart; providing diapers & baby food to a family in crisis...the needs are endless. But Poway residents’ willingness to help is also endless! Poway Secret Service aims to connect need with help - quickly!


You’ll receive text alerts as needs arise. If you can help, simply reply, MINE. The goal is to meet needs quickly - only claim a task if you can do it soon. When you’ve finished, text DONE - that’s it!

Click here to submit a need.

Have a question?

Email me - Steve Vaus

Call me 858-254-3633


1 - Get a text

2 - Learn of a need

3 -  Fill a need!

We just do it!

No meetings, no dues, no rules, no fundraising, no glory . . . we just get things done!
Easy as

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